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A unique experience curated by Sommwhere.  

Although most of our experiences are private, we wanted to open our doors to the curious amongst you.  Those of you who walk by, and want to join us on our dining table.  Over the next few months, we will be showcasing some of New York's most innovative chefs in one of our intimate spaces.  The menu for each experience is unique, and is inspired by the vast and varied lands that our chefs call 'home.' 


Each table sits only 15 people, and there are between 1-2 sittings per day.  If you book a seat, please show up on time as the experience is communal. If you don't get a spot, or you'd like to book a seat on a date that is currently unavailable - please email us.  We have been known to make magic happen. 

The meal will be eaten without the use of a traditional fork + knife, so roll your sleeves up, and prepare to get close. 

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