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Co-Founder + Creative Director

Sommwhere produces meaningful products + experiences that elevate the everyday. Based in New York, where spaces are confined and garbage lines our streets, Sommwhere opened up a portfolio of sustainably focused spaces for people to gather meaningfully. We see a need for a third space that invites people to rethink the way they consume and dispose everyday artifacts. Our spaces and products are designed to bring connection and thoughtful consumption into everyday living. Sommwhere was founded by Creative Director Fatima Fazal - a product, furniture and experiential designer who brings the aesthetic of India, East Africa, London and New York to inform her work. She is the recipient of numerous international design awards; her work has been featured at the MoMA Design Store (New York + Tokyo), Colette (Paris) + many boutique design stores around the world. Her philosophy on the future of consumption was also featured in the recent trend report: The New Sustainability by Wunderman Thompson. 

Co-Founder + Managing Director

Umber Bawa is the managing director of Sommwhere. In addition to leading Sommwhere he is the founder + ceo of an impact fund democratizing how money flows. Rabble's focus is on financing projects that have a positive environmental and social impact. Prior to founding rabble, Umber led project finance and strategic initiative at Spirae, a Colorado-based clean tech firm. Umber has advised working groups in the clean energy space, served as on the NY REV Market & Technology Design Working Groups, participated in the Maryland Microgrid Resiliency Task Force, and is a contributor to Rocky Mountain Institute's eLab (Electricity Innovation Lab). He is a frequent speaker on finance and policy panels in the renewable energy space. His recent work has appeared in Dezeen, Bee Breeders, CNET and FastCompany. Umber is a graduate of The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, where he studied finance, decision systems, and game theory. 


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