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OMMAKASE // Possibility By Nadia Gilbert

Taste the possibilities of a new Palestine.

About this Experience //

Nadia's OMMAKASE menu offers a hopeful and imaginative taste of what a "Future Palestine" could taste like. This evening's bites will be rooted in ancestral traditions yet blooming with new and imaginative possibilities and celebrating our culture's dynamic evolution, with a focus on hyper local and seasonal ingredients. Through the unique dining experience, you will get closer to your food and each other. Nadia Irshaid Gilbert, a Palestinian-American Reiki Master, visual artist and chef, merges her diverse heritage with deep spiritual practice to provoke collective Liberation. Drawing from her rich Palestinian roots and her connections to the American South, Nadia infuses her work and immersive spaces with radical compassion, ancestral teachings, devotional practice, and a keen sense of cultural bridging. Her work delves into the intricate relationships we have with the plants and animals we consume, the land we inhabit, our ancestral lines, and the people in our immediate and global community.

  • 100 US dollars
  • Essex Street

Available sittings this month

Email us with any food restrictions / allergies

  • 15 Essex Street, New York, NY, USA

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