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    Forever Utensils // Stainless Steel Cutlery

    SKU: 0001
    • This stainless steel cutlery is a mindful tool to help us consider how we eat on the go. Open the Heart to reveal two forks, two knives and two scoops. Heart Parts are portable, versatile, reusable and beautiful. Carry your cutlery, share your lunch, and make an impact.

      Created by New York based designer, Fatima Fazal who was deeply conflicted by the amount of waste produced from the food + event industry where she worked. "Single-use utensils take 5-seconds to produce, 5-minutes to use, and 500 years to decompose - we've got to create an alternative for people who want to be part of the solution."

      The concept invites people to get closer to their food, both physically and philosophically. Through the iconic interlocking heart shape - they remind us of our connection to each other, and to the planet.

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