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Sommwhere is a sustainable venue rental in the LES. Although our space is not yet LEED Certified, we designed SOMMWHERE to meet and in some cases exceed LEED standards for Interior Design + Construction. Below is a list of the LEED ID+C categories we've designed for, what we're working to improve, and where we think we're going above and beyond. If you'd like to learn more, please drop us a line at

SOMMWHERE is designed to meet or exceed the following LEED ID+C Requirements:

Category: Integrative Process

Integrative Process


Category: Location + Transportation

Neighborhood Development Location

Surrounding Density and Diverse Uses

Access to Quality Transit

Reduced Parking Footprint


Category: Water Efficiency

Indoor Water Use Reduction


Category: Energy and Atmosphere

Minimum Energy Performance

Advanced Energy Metering


Planned Activities (Not Yet Performed): 

Fundamental Refrigerant Management

Optimize Energy Performance

Green Power and Carbon Offsets (In Process)


Category: Material and Resources

Storage and Collection of Recyclables

Long-Term Commitment

Interiors Life-Cycle Impact Reduction


Category: Indoor Environmental Quality 

Minimum Indoor Air Quality 

Environmental Tobacco Smoke Control

Enhanced Indoor Air Quality Strategies (In Process)

Indoor Air Quality Assessment (Planned)

Thermal Comfort

Interior Lighting


Acoustic Performance

Additionally, we emphasize the following that we believe go beyond LEED requirements: 


1.  Most of our materials and appliances for our space we sourced locally, foraged, rescued or reclaimed. Working with a local, artisanal construction team also allowed for custom design features in our space that are durable and more long lasting than the typical modern day consumer solutions. 


2.  We have a complimentary zero-waste coffee bar, and offer durable (not single-use) to-go cups to anyone who needs to be on the move whilst getting their caffeine fix. 


3.  We have a strict policy where we do not allow single-use plastics to be used in our space. As an alternative we provide Heart Parts - an oxo-biodegradable reusable utensil kit (made by our in house creative director.) We also offer stainless steel or bamboo cutlery and artisanal seconds ceramics (celebrating the imperfect, that would otherwise have been thrown away) for tableware options for our guests.


4.  In addition to recycling, we offer to donate or reuse any items left behind by our clients. (including food + clothing donations to The Bowery Mission - homeless shelter.) 


5. We designed the space with our clients in mind, so we have in-house decor available for rent - allowing our guests to save money on delivery fees or having to purchase any items that would be discarded and thrown away after a single use. 


6. Our catering partners have an emphasis on locally-sourced, farm to table options, with seasonally appropriate menus. This reduces the carbon footprint of all meals served at Sommwhere. 

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