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Sommwhere is led by Creative Director Fatima Fazal, an award  winning product + experiential designer with a focus in sustainable design solutions.  Fatima has over 15 years of global design + marketing experience, leading projects in NY, LA, London, Stockholm, and Qatar for clients ranging from Virgin Atlantic and Sony, to Conde Nast Traveller and Jay-Z. Her work was recently featured in the JWT intelligence global sustainability report for reinventing single use plastic utensils. 


Sommwhere is backed by an impact investing platform democratizing how money flows.  Rabble's focus is on financing projects that have a positive environmental and social impact.  


We work in two ways -


1.  We open the door for you, and let you do your thing.  You check in, you design  your own experience - you check out. 

2.  You show up, we take care of every detail from decor to dessert, you enjoy the night, you check out.


If you want to splash out and customize your event, we can curate the experience for you.  From branding, to custom made menus with our in-house chefs.   Email us to find out more:


We are a sustainable brand... what does that really mean? 

Planning and executing an event can be extremely wasteful.  Let's not beat around the bush here - millions of marketing dollars are spent creating ephemeral moments that sadly, hours after an event, end up in a landfill.  We want to change that.  Here are a list of ways we offer our clients the ability to reduce their event footprint.


1.  Most of our materials and appliances for our space were  sourced locally, foraged, rescued or reclaimed. Working with a local, artisanal construction team also allowed for custom design features in our space that are durable and more long lasting than the typical modern day consumer solutions.  Our two most recent venues were designed in accordance to exceed LEED standards for Interior Design + Construction.


2.  We have a complimentary zero-waste coffee bar for clients who needs to be on the move whilst getting their caffeine fix. 


3.  We have a strict policy where we do not allow single-use plastics to be used in our space. As an alternative we provide Heart Parts - an oxo-biodegradable reusable utensil kit  (designed by our in house creative director.)   We also offer stainless steel or bamboo cutlery and artisanal seconds ceramics (celebrating the imperfect, that would otherwise have been thrown away) for tableware options for our guests.


4.  In addition to recycling, we offer to donate or reuse any items left behind by our clients. (including food + clothing donations to The Bowery Mission - homeless shelter.) 


5. We designed the space with our clients in mind, so we have in-house decor available for rent - allowing our guests to save money on delivery fees or having to purchase any items that would be discarded and thrown away after a single use. 


6. Our catering partners have an emphasis on locally-sourced, farm to table options, with seasonally appropriate menus. This reduces the carbon footprint of all meals served at Sommwhere. 

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